Our history

Since I was younger, I believed that I had to follow my dream. Sometimes it looked like a wish and sometimes like a desire. When I decided to pursue it, I got the courage and the inner strength that cannon be compared to any other experience. The first step was the job selection and later on, with my graduation of the University of Athens and following my specialization to Special Education and learning difficulties, Rollino’s star started shining in 1993. It is a personal creation in which I devote my body and soul on a daily basis. I enrich my knowledge and improve myself seeing the world through the kids’ eyes. Every contact with them and every educational hour constitutes a purification filter that brings everything back to the correct base. The choice of my partners was made according to this ideology and we all started with the best potentials. Our educational dream is pursued starting our day with a warm smile. The smooth transition from me to we and from we to you was a personal goal that got achieved. Your love, your trust and the respect with which you embrace our work all these years gives us the strength to continue. Our promises to all those who trust us are realistic and are fully kept. The positive result are profound and give our school bigger wings to fly higher and achieve more goals.

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