We converse with our heart and mind so we can facilitate learning in time

Little sounds of happiness is what you hear in our dining room. We set our table for everyone and we enjoy the delight of eating along with others. If kinds learn to have a balanced diet of great quality, they will form an important habit for the rest of their lives.

We make it happen every day as we prepare tasty meals based on the Mediterranean diet and the contemporary diet recommendations. All meals are prepared here, just like our favorite homemade food. Fruit and vegetables are an integral part and we take care of it every day.

We eat all together, we eat in excellence.

Our own school buses are ready to give a ride to our little pupils both to their extracurricular activities and home. Kids’ safety is guaranteed with technical certifications and professional drivers.


Supporting one another is what we should all wish for in an ideal world. This is the moto of the monthly meetings here at the Parents School with the help of our child psychologist.

Parents get sensitized, broaden their horizons, exchange opinions, find solutions to many questions regarding themselves and their kids. They also get individualized counseling about their kids, hence supporting the collaboration between school and parents.

Every meeting adds on this puzzle oflife learning aiming at individual improvement.

Foreign languages (English, French, German) are intensively taught, especially the English language which is taught with the help of interactive whiteboard and appropriate educational material. English is prioritized in our daily program.

It becomes the connection with other cultures and it reminds that we are part of a global world and we should act as global citizens.

The athletic activities offered at Rollino (basketball, tennis, judo, yoga-zumba, swimming) are either an integral part of its program or offered as extra activities on your demand. The goal is not only to benefit from the improvement of our physical condition and weight control, but also enhance their mind skills and improve their mood, as shown by scientific researches.

Our early childhood memories are associated with certain forms of art ( art and English projects, painting, music, literature, pottery, puppet play, theatrical game, history and archeology). Art and literature seem to be of vital educational importance since they enrich stimuli both emotionally and mentally. The importance of speech and its practice as a medium of communication, forms a reading consciousness and cultivates the aesthetics. The presence of art at Rollino’s programs is the creative breeze that makes us realize the beauty of our life.

Our actions and lessons are designed so that kids can form values and take action regarding the protection of our environment (gardening, nature sensitizations, nature trips). Coming in contact and exploring nature, kids get to realize the benefits of nature in our lives and understand the natural changes.

Being computer literate seems to be an integral part of modern life especially for the new generations that come in contact with modern technologies right from the beginning of their life (computer, stem). Parents; concerns though are associated with the right use of technology and the development of innovative thinking. Our action and activities are oriented towards this direction

The benefits of strategical games (chess) do not include only the joy of playing, but also helps develop strategical thinking, a most useful skill for our lives. Undoubtedly, each and everyone would like to have been taught strategical thinking and organizational skills at a young age. Finding answers to problems becomes a game if you have already developed strategical thinking and analysis skills.